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What is the path to better pickleball?

Have you ever wanted to improve at pickleball but didn’t know how?

The Path to Better Pickleball is a free 30-day challenge designed to help you improve at 10 essential skills and unlock your next level of play.

After signing up, you get a downloadable guide, 10 step-by-step videos sent to your inbox every few days, and practical challenges for every skill on the path.

With the PBP you will learn practical techniques for:

  • Mastering Your Mechanics: 4 Essential Mechanics Every Player Should Know
  • Controlling the Net: 4 Common Mistakes Players Make at the Kitchen
  • The Third Shot Drop: 5 Secrets to a Successful Third Shot Drop
  • Attacking at the Right Time: How to Time Your Attack in the Kitchen and Avoid Mistakes
  • Detecting & Avoiding Out Balls: 6 Strategies for Detecting & Avoiding Out-Balls
  • The Serve: 7 Common Serve Mistakes & How to Fix Them
  • Maximizing Your Serve Return: 4 Common Serve Return Mistakes & How to Fix Them
  • The Lob & How to Defend It: 4 Characteristics of an Effective Lob & How to Defend It
  • The Reset & Block: 5 Keys to Better Block Shots and Resets
  • Outlasting Your Opponents: 6 Tips for Outlasting Your Opponent in Pickleball

What’s Included

12-Page Skills Guide

Download the free guide and gain access to 10 Important Skills Every Player Needs to Know along with fun challenges for every skill.

10 Step-by-Step Videos

After signing up, you will get 10 walkthrough videos sent to your email inbox every few days that explains the skill and how to implement it. 

A Path for Your Progress

Improving at pickleball should not be a mystery. Through PBP, you will receive a map for growing your skills & confidence, sent straight to your inbox.

Adam is such an asset to the pickleball community on so many levels! His patient, kind, & humble demeanor along with his knowledge & organization make for a winning combination. Anyone who gets the opportunity to play with and learn from Adam Richards will benefit and be glad they did!

– Stephanie Lane,
Multi-Time USAPA National Champion & PaddleTek Senior Pro

How It works

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Join the free 30-day challenge. Every few days, you will receive a new video that corresponds with each skill and it’s all sent straight to your inbox.

Learn the Skills

On the path you will learn 10 important skills and take on fun challenges every session. We’ll help guide you every step of the way. 

Improve at Pickleball

Improving at pickleball should not be a mystery. Through PBP, you will receive a map for growing your skills & confidence, sent straight to your inbox.

hi, I’m Adam

I’m an instructor with the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) and chances are I’m a lot like you—a pickleball player who wants to improve.

I’ll help you take the guesswork out of your game so you can maximize your time on the court, have more fun, and get better faster. 

With High Five Pickleball, it’s my goal to help you cultivate your confidence, develop your strategy, and build a strong foundation of skills, techniques, and practices without all the unnecessary trial and error. 

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A Free 30-Day Challenge 

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