The Ultimate List of Funny Pickleball Team Names

Written by Adam (HV)

April 1, 2024


funny pickleball team names

Pickleball is a sport that’s exploding in popularity around the world, and with its rise comes the need for funny pickleball team names. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, a funny and memorable team name can set the tone for your matches and add some lighthearted fun to the game. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the funniest and most creative pickleball team names that are sure to make your opponents chuckle. We’ll cover a range of options to help you find the perfect funny pickleball team name. So whether you’re playing for fun or in a competitive league, let’s dive into the ultimate list of funny pickleball team names!

Funny Pickleball Team Names Related to Pickles

When it comes to funny pickleball team names, incorporating the word “pickle” is a classic choice that never gets old. There are countless ways to play off the word “pickle” to come up with a clever and humorous team name. The word “pickle” has a playful and light-hearted feel to it, making it a fun choice for pickleball teams looking to add some humor to their matches. 

  • Bit of a pickle
  • Kind of a big dill
  • The Big Dills
  • Dill or No Dill
  • Quick Pickle
  • The Big Dill-emmas
  • The Briny Side
  • Seasoned pickles

Funny Pickleball Team Names Related to Dinks, Misses, and the Kitchen

  • Dink-a-licious
  • Dinkville
  • Swing and a miss
  • Shoulder high let it fly
  • Everything’s out
  • The delaminated dinkers
  • Stay out of the kitchen

Funny Pickleball Team Names that Include the Word Banger

Does your pickleball team include a bunch o bangers? Whether you’re really bangers or aspiring bangers, check out these funny pickleball team names. If you’re looking for a funny pickleball team name for your pickleball squad, why not consider incorporating the word “banger” into your name? Some ideas include “Banger Brigade,” “Banger Nation,” or “Bangerz Only.” 

  • The big le-bangers
  • Banger Brigade
  • Bangin’ Aces
  • Banger Smashers
  • The Banger Squad
  • Banger Bunch
  • Bangin’ Winners
  • Banger Blazers
  • Bangin’ Balls
  • Banger Believers
  • Bangin’ Backhands
  • Banger Volleyers
  • The Banger Bombers
  • Bangin’ Drop Shots
  • Banger Blockers
  • Bangin’ Baseliners
  • Banger Bandits
  • The Banger Battalion
  • Bangin’ Bounces
  • Banger Brothers
  • Bangin’ Paddles
  • Banger Ballers
  • The Banger Breakers
  • Bangin’ Returns
  • Banger Blitz
  • Bangin’ Champz

Funny Pickleball team names that include the word poach

If you’re looking for a funny pickleball team name, why not incorporate the word “poach” into your name? A team name like “The Pickleball Poachers” or “Poach Patrol” can show off your sneaky skills on the court, and also give your opponents a good laugh. Other ideas include “Poach Masters,” “Poach & Pals,” or “Poach-a-lot.” The word “poach” has a fun and playful vibe that can add some excitement to your matches. So next time you and your teammates hit the court, make sure you’re representing with a funny and memorable poach-inspired team name!

  •  Poach Patrol
  • The Poach Masters
  • Poach Ninjas
  • The Poach Pack
  • Poach Pirates
  • The Poach Posse
  • Poach Power
  • The Poach Warriors
  • Poach and Win
  • The Poach Professionals
  • Poach Perfection
  • The Poach Pioneers
  • Poach Pros
  • The Poach Predators
  • Poach Queens
  • The Poach Kings
  • Poach Smashers
  • The Poach Squad
  • Poach Titans
  • The Poach Team
  • Poach Troopers
  • The Poach Wizards
  • Poach Revolution
  • The Poach Diplomats
  • Poach Mavericks

Funny Pickleball team names that include the words third shot

Looking for a clever and funny pickleball team name? Why not incorporate the importance of the third shot into your name? Other ideas could include “Third Shot Specialists,” “Third Shot Wonders,” or “Third Shot All-Stars.” The phrase “third shot” is a great starting point for a team name, and with a little creativity, you can come up with a funny and memorable name that reflects your team’s skill and personality.

  • Third Shot Mafia
  • Third Shot Avengers
  • The Third Shot Kings
  • Third Shot Warriors
  • The Third Shot Masters
  • Third Shot Aces
  • The Third Shot Wizards
  • Third Shot Titans
  • The Third Shot Bandits
  • Third Shot Heroes
  • The Third Shot Dynasty
  • Third Shot Smashers
  • The Third Shot Mavericks
  • Third Shot Demons
  • The Third Shot Ninjas
  • Third Shot Dominators
  • The Third Shot Assassins
  • Third Shot Revolution
  • The Third Shot Giants
  • Third Shot Thunder
  • The Third Shot Titans
  • Third Shot Diplomats
  • The Third Shot Ambassadors
  • Third Shot Legends
  • The Third Shot Renegades

Funny Pickleball team names that include the word erne

An erne is a powerful shot that can be difficult to defend when executed correctly. Show off your skills with these funny pickleball team names: 

  • Erne Warriors
  • The Erne Squad
  • Erne Avengers
  • The Erne Masters
  • Erne Aces
  • The Erne Kings
  • Erne Smashers
  • The Erne Dynasty
  • Erne Mavericks
  • The Erne Titans
  • Erne Demons
  • The Erne Bandits
  • Erne Assassins
  • The Erne Heroes
  • Erne Titans
  • The Erne Wizards
  • Erne Dominators
  • The Erne Ambassadors
  • Erne Revolution
  • The Erne Diplomats
  • Erne Giants
  • The Erne Renegades
  • Erne Thunder
  • The Erne Legends
  • Erne Ninjas

Funny Pickleball team names that include the words side out

  • Side Out Stars
  • The Side Out Squad
  • Side Out Aces
  • The Side Out Warriors
  • The Side Out Masters
  • Side Out Mavericks
  • The Side Out Dynasty
  • Side Out Heroes
  • The Side Out Bandits
  • Side Out Assassins
  • The Side Out Kings
  • Side Out Titans
  • The Side Out Wizards
  • The Side Out Diplomats
  • The Side Out Legends
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